Timnath Cross Country

Our Mission is to develop scholar athlete leaders of impeccable character, while coming together as a team to compete at the highest level and to develop a life-long passion for running. We seek to build a winning and inclusive culture full of resilient, gritty athletes with a collective, team first mindset. In this quest, we will focus on…


As members of Timnath Cross Country, every student athlete will have an opportunity to build and add to a Timnath running tradition dating back almost 70 years ago to a track state championship in 1953. Yes, we will perform at extremely high levels and accomplish big goals, but the tradition will be about more than fast individual times and low team scores. We will seek to represent our community with class, integrity, humility, and gratitude. We will stay standing in the chute while we congratulate our competitors, show appreciation to our hosts, thank drivers, parents, and others who make our seasons possible. We will be the athletes that pick-up trash, greet community members on runs, and leave places and spaces better than we found them. Our highest honor will not be a trophy- it will be a phone call or email to our athletic director complimenting how we carry ourselves. We will also come together as a team to form a tightly bonded community, and will become contributing members of the greater running community and will have the opportunity to learn from some of running’s standard bearers. As a founding team member, you will create a legacy, shaping the front end of the Long Blue Line that will be Timnath Cross Country.


While we will always strive to improve and to win it will never come at the expense of developing character. In cross country, winning is a byproduct of character development. With a mantra of running Timnath Tough, we’ll focus on developing grit and resilience, learning to push through short term challenges to accomplish long term goals, and investing in something bigger than ourselves. Through this process of pursuing challenging goals through hard efforts, we will develop a growth mindset that carries over into the classroom. We’ll learn the value of the large public efforts and in doing the little things that matter when no one is watching. In learning that our efforts can bring dreams to life, we will develop lasting hope for other dreams in our futures. To get there, we will commit to our work together with an attitude of gratitude, selflessness, and integrity, and will seek whenever possible to be of service to both the school and larger Timnath community.


At Timnath High School, we believe in the power of WE over me. Cross Country is a team sport and in everything we do we'll do it together. Cross country is special for a lot of reasons but one of the best is that each and every athlete has a chance to make a significant contribution to our team success. No matter how fast you are, you will always have a chance to compete, challenge yourself, and improve. Every cross country team we have been a part of has been a caring, connected community where all committed student-athletes are welcome and this will be the culture of our team at Timnath. From the first varsity runner to our final JV finisher, we will run FOR each other and will invest in each other’s success. This mentality and the experience you get as part of Timnath XC will make you better family members, friends, and classmates today, and better professionals and community members tomorrow