Meet Schedule

Update: May 22: Invitations for Fall Meets are currently being extended. Schedule to be completed soon.

Transportation to and from Meets: Unless otherwise arranged (ie. local meets or unavailable buses), athletes are expected to ride the team bus to all meets with their teammates. We ask that athletes remain at meets to cheer for ALL of their teammates in each of the races unless absolutely necessary. Athletes must sign out with coaching staff in order to leave a meet with a parent.

Being Present At Meets: The use of cell phones during meets will be limited. Athletes may use cell phones to notify parents of our camp location during meets and then they will be asked to not have their phones out until all racing is complete. Our goal is to help athletes stay present and focused on their races and their teammates and to cut down on the impact of stress hormones linked to cell phone proximity/usage that is counterproductive to high level performance.

Outside Races: Outside races are strongly discouraged while we are in-season for cross country. Coaches are working hard to develop a training plan that takes into account many factors and adding additional races may lead to injury or inability to absorb training. Athletes should speak with Coach Miltenberg about any outside races they feel the need to compete in during the season.

Lettering Requirement: Full details on lettering requirements will be provided once our meet schedule is set. Athletes will have multiple pathways to earning a varsity letter focused on performance, commitment, and leadership. The first step to earning a varsity letter is to be dedicated to summer training and completion of the summer training log.