Summer Training

Summer running is a critical component of success in cross country. Following the recommended training schedule provided by the coaching staff will not only prepare an athlete to perform well in competition, but provides a much needed “base” from which to enter more advanced phases of training once the official season begins. Without this base, an athlete will be more susceptible to injury and less likely to reap the benefits of the hard work during the season.

The main focus of summer running will be on building aerobic capacity, structural stability and flexibility, and positive running habits and practices. Unless otherwise noted on the plan, the summer runs should be done at an EASY pace. A good rule of thumb is that athletes should be able to maintain a conversation while running. Runners should also try to run on the softest surfaces available during the summer. Choose blacktop over concrete, and dirt and grass whenever possible. Strides, running drills, and strength routines are also an important component of summer running and should not be neglected.

In order to build connections and team camaraderie, we will offer morning practices 3 times per week at 7AM beginning in early June. These practices will be optional but serve as an important way to build our team culture and athletes are encouraged to attend whenever possible. We’ll use these practices as opportunities to explore and become familiar with running locations throughout Timnath and Fort Collins. Weekly training plans and locations will be sent via Email and Band throughout the summer. Outside of these summer sessions, runners are highly encouraged to get together for partner or group runs whenever possible.

*Even when students cannot attend summer run sessions, they should be completing the summer running plan*

Summer/In-Season Reading: In cross country, mental preparation serves a very important role in one’s success. Throughout the summer and during the season, coaches may provide short chapters, articles, or essays for student athletes to read on topics ranging from running and racing to teamwork to character and life development. Reading is strongly encouraged to maximize development, performance, and enjoyment in the team environment.

Private Coaching: While we understand that student athletes may work with a private coach during the year, we ask that they do not do so during the season. If you do work with a private coach, please discuss with Coach Miltenberg your plan for the summer. Any athlete attending a summer run or practice will be expected to complete workouts/runs prescribed by TIMNATH XC coaching team.

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